Offering multiple purposes on window covering, room divider, sliding door and interior decoration, match with all interior designs.



The smoothest FreeStop® roller shade that you can just use a finger to lift up and pull down; no hassles or constant tugging.



Easy operation-Remote control with cordless design.Dual function-Manual operation is available when it’s out of power.​



Offering multiple purposes on window covering, room divider, sliding door and interior decoration, match with all interior designs.

The 4-rail track is adjustable anywhere from 45.8" to 86" wide.
If you need the track in 96"W, we suggest that you can buy 2 sets of sliding panels and adjust them to 48"W each.
Please note that there are end caps on each side so the panels can not glide through the extended track.

The height is adjustable, you can cut the panels by scissors easily.
After trimming, you can simply attach the bottom rails and make a clean-finished look.

If you install 2 sets of sliding panels, there will be a little gap between the 2 sets of sliding panels about 2.36", but it's not so obvious.

Yes, the track can be mounted both on the wall and the ceiling. For installation video and instruction please check our manuals and videos on our website. 

We film two videos for ceiling mount.
Please refer to the instruction video link below,
1. fasten the mounting bracket on ceiling but keep the bracket adjustable
2. put the sliding track under the mounting bracket, push the bracket into the groove of the sliding track, push firmly
3. same as the 2nd video, but from different angle

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

The sliding panels can be installed with ceiling mount and wall mount. Please refer to the link of sliding panel system installation (
In this case, we suggest ceiling mount to be the best option for a room divider.

The panels are made from nature woven and contain more than 70% paper, it is not water resistant. We don't suggest customers to install in bathroom.

We don't suggest customer to use it outdoor,since our sliding panel is made for covering the inside window .

You can slide it from left to the right or right to the left, please note it can not open from the middle.

You can install two sliding panels,however, the track cannot be connected to one and other, it works separately. Please note that they cannot be open from the middle, you can only open from the left to the right or the right to the left.

You need to operate the 4 sliding panels by a wand. We have wands hook up on each side. So that you can open or close the sliding panels from the left side or the right side.

The color of Mica is basically white with light grey green stripe, while Marble is basically white with green grey stripe. Mica's weaving is more like pleated so you will find the surface is slightly uneven, Marble is made with the twisted fabric, the texture is thicker than Mica.

We will have Marble, Mica and Munich Castle and Diamond Silver hit the store shelves.
Please contact us for other kinds. 

Since the sliding panel is made with woven paper.
Please use the dry towel or cleaning duster to clean and do not wash them.

Products Warranty

Limited One Year Warranty from the Date of Purchase.

All of our products are warranted against manufacturer defects in materials or workmanship provided that you are the original purchaser of the product, and the product was installed according to our instructions.

• Normal wear and tear.
• Consumer damages caused by accidents, alterations, abuse of the product, exposure to salt air, misuse, or damages from pets or insects.
• Damages resulting from removal and re-installation in the same or any other window or application, or failure to follow instructions, such as measurement, installation, cleaning, and maintenance.
• Accidental breakage, misuse or other abuse (unless it occurred during shipping)
• Improper cleaning and/or chemical use.
• Normal fading over time e.g. material discoloration, yellowing or cracking of plastic parts.
• Wrong measurements are not covered by the warranty and are not fully refundable.


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