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Vertical blind with adjustable width and height.



Cordless roller shade that stops anywhere you want.



Non pasted natural woven decor fabric.


Facts about Adjustable Sliding Panels

What’s Inside the Box

Operation and Uses of Sliding Panels



The 4-rail track is adjustable anywhere from 45.8" to 86" wide.
For 96"W, we suggest installing 2 sets of sliding panels and adjust them to 48"W each evenly, so on and so forth.

Please note that there are end caps on each side so the panels cannot glide through the extended track. Please refer to the size chart and installation details video for 2 sets of sliding panels.

We don’t provide single track for extension at this moment.

However, you may install 2 sets of tracks and just install 3 panels for one track to fit the dimensions. If there's any panels left and it can make a hand-made valance.

We do not provide customized service at this moment.

The 4 panels are trimmable. Simply trim the panel length (height) to what you need and install the bottom rails for a custom-look finish. Please DO NOT cut from the hook & loop fastener side though.

The maximum length of each panel is 96" long.

When all the panels are stacked together, the total width would be 23". Extend the track and install it behind the wall if you do not want the stacked 23" panel to cover your window.

There will be a front-back gap between the 2 sets of sliding panels about 2.36" which is not obvious.


You can open/close the panels from left to right or from right to left.

The blinds can not be opened from the middle. Installing 2 sets is recommended if your sliding door opens from the middle. You may open one blind from the right and the other from the left.

2 tracks work separately, there are end caps on each side so the panels cannot glide through the extended track.

Please operate the wand correctly by holding it at a 45-degree angle and pulling or pushing it toward the desired side.

The order of the 4 preinstalled rails on the track is not reversible, the rightmost panel is always in the front.


The package includes: 1 track, 4 panels, 4 bottom bars, 2 wands that can be attached on the both sides, and a hardware pack for installation.

Yes, the track can be mounted both on the wall and the ceiling. For installation video and instruction please check our manuals and videos on our website. 

Please refer to the installation details.

Ceiling mount can be the best option for a room divider.

Please refer to the ceiling mount installation video.

Install the bottom bars after you trim the panels to have a finished look. The panels are applied with special coatings that make them relatively firm and sturdy.

You can attach 4 panels at most on a single track.

You may attach 3 or less panels if you do not want the panels to overlap too much.

Product details

We don’t sell the track and hardware separately at this moment.

If you’ve bought our product and need replacement, please CONTACT US directly.

Our panel fabrics come in a set of two and each panel size is 23" wide x 96" length.

We have additional panels for Eclipse, Marble, Mica+, Mica, Munich Castle, Diamond Silver and Pecan. You can purchase them from the link below.

But we cannot make sure our mechanism may fit your track. Please measure everything carefully and the size fits as we do not accept the return of change of minds.

We don't provide valance at this moment and we're still working on it. However, we have lots of feedback from the customers that they make their own valance with unwanted fabrics, if there's any left.

Kindly click the link of hand-made valance made by GoDear Design Team.

The sliding panel is made with woven paper.
Please use the dry towel or cleaning duster to clean and DO NOT wash them.

The panels are quite durable when they are used correctly.

We do some special coatings on each product and make it relatively firm and sturdy. Since most of our sliding panels are made from natural woven blended paper and poly, it’s possible that the panels will be torn by a cat's or dog’s claw.

The blackout blind can block 98-99% of direct sunlight, room darkening can block 90-95% and light filtering is around 85%.

Yes, we can provide up to 5 sample swatches! Please contact us and provide us the name of the products you are interested in and your delivery details (recipient name, contact number, and full postal address.)