2-Way Draw Vertical Blinds That Are Frequently Asked About

center open blinds

From drapes to blinds, there are a myriad of different window treatments out there and are always one of the key elements of our home decorating plan.

Though people have been using window coverings for centuries to provide protection from sunlight and wind throughout the year, choosing one for our homes is always quite a daunting task. We must first decide whether the room needs better privacy or energy efficiency, and how much light we want the blinds to let in. Then consider the design of the blinds which can complement our interior styles, creating a stylish look in our homes.

As we all know, window treatments are nothing new. We can see curtains, drapes, vertical and horizontal blinds, or roller shades here and there. However, most people aren’t even aware that 2-way draw vertical panel blinds are widely reckoned to be the rising star and have grown in popularity in recent years.

What are Vertical Blinds?

Vertical blinds are extremely popular due to their practical function for controlling strong sunlight and also stylish yet stunning looks. When talking about vertical blinds, the one with vertically arranged slats and are connected by a chain will first come up with. They are normally operated by using a cord and widely used for floor to ceiling windows or patio doors of the offices, studies, bedrooms, and living rooms.

vertical blinds slats

Benefits of Installing Vertical Blinds

Compared to horizontal blinds that fit the small or standard-sized windows, vertical blinds come with wider vertical slats that running from top to bottom can make any kind of your windows look taller and bigger.

Vertical blinds provide complete control over your light needs while still maintaining privacy by tilting the slats to your desired angles. On the other hand, they can also be tilted to let a moderate amount of light stream into your room. With versatile and low-maintenance features, vertical blinds become popular and come to prominence recently.

When Vertical Blinds Meet Panel Blinds

Apart from the traditional vertical blinds, the latest beloved option for big windows and large glass doors is vertical panel blinds. They are now available in a wide array of designs, colors, textures, and woven paper materials, achieving a sleek look in any space.

vertical blinds for large window

Sliding Panel Blinds are a contemporary alternative to vertical blinds. Same as most types of window coverings, panel blinds also have different light-filtering capabilities categorizing into semi-sheer, light filtering, room darkening, and blackout. When choosing panel blinds, you must know and decide how much light control you need.

brick pattern vertical blinds

Multifunctional Panel Blinds

Open-plan living used to be one of the most popular home designs. However, the pandemic has changed our lives for the past two years. People needs more privacy when working from home or home schooling. Open concept home design is gradually so last year and give way to partitions and room dividers.

GoDear Design adjustable sliding panel blinds are not just window coverings, they can be installed as a room divider, closet cover, or internal sliding door to create a soft and unique ambiance as transforming your home. The 4-rail track is extendable from 45.8” to 86” wide to fit your window and the panel fabrics can be trimmed to the length you need.

versatile vertical blinds

How Do Vertical Panel Blinds Open?

Operating the vertical panel blinds is extremely simple. They can be opened to stack on the left or right, in the middle, or split from center to stack on both sides. You can draw the blinds by pulling or pushing the supplied wands at 45 degrees to your desired side. To prevent the panel fabrics from fraying, it is always recommended to attach the anti-fray clips on the edge of the fabrics before using the wands.

Side Opening Vertical Blinds

While horizontal blinds are stacking up at the top of the window, vertical blinds can open sideways. They can be drawn to either the left or right side of the window according to your needs. If you’re afraid that there are light leaks along the edges of your window frame when inside mounting, go for an outside mount can effectively prevent the light leakage.

side open panel blinds
side open blinds at 45 degree

Center Opening or Split Stacking Vertical Blinds

GoDear Design vertical panel blinds can also have a split stack which means they can open from the center and stack to both sides when installing 2 sets of sliding panels. Be mindful of the end caps on each side of the track, the panels cannot glide through the extended track. On the other hand, a center stack become available in this situation. When the blinds are opened from each side, the stack will remain in the middle of the sliding door or the window.

center stack vertical blinds

As inside-mounting panel blinds stack to the side when opened, outside mount the blinds if you want them completely opened without covering the window. Doing an outside mount can leave the stack behind the wall on each side. If the window or sliding door are not wide enough to install 2 sets of sliding panel blinds, you may let the panels cover part of the wall besides from the window or sliding door.

center open panel blinds

Solutions When Doorknobs at Both Sides of Window

The order of our pre-installed rails is irreversible. If the doorknobs are at both sides of the window or sliding glass door, and the panels are close to hit the doorknobs, there are 2 solutions as follows:

  1. Ceiling mount the blinds to keep a distance between the doorknobs and the blinds when the depth of your window frame is not deep enough.
  2. Add spacer blocks between the brackets and the mounting surface if you prefer to wall mount the blinds.
blinds meet doorknob

Window treatment that looks stylish is always a plus. No matter what your taste or budget is, you can definitely find trending blinds or shades to suit your home at GoDear Design. We always have the perfect option for you.

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