Window Treatment Ideas: Installing 2 Sets of Sliding Panel Track Blinds

Seasonal decorating is increasingly popular in recent years. Changing the colors of your home decor can easily showcase the seasonal vibes and moods. Updating the window blinds is one of the simplest ways to dress up the living spaces and keep the look fresh and in-season.

Before deciding the look and feel you want to achieve, most important of all, choose the right window blinds to fit your window size!

GoDear Design’s 4-rail track is adjustable from 45.8"–86" wide, 2 tracks may cover width from 91.6"–172". If your window/sliding door is wider than 86", you can install 2 sets of our sliding panels to fit your needs. Like custom-made, perfectly fitted suit.

You Can Consider the Installation Way Below

Point 1 Take 96" width in total for example, extend the track to 48" each (1-1).

Point 2 You can choose to attach all 4 panels (2-1), or less than 4 panels (2-2) on each set to lessen overlap. The panels left would be the best matching material for making an optional valance.
Note: If installing less than 4 panels, keep the rail without attaching panel on the side you plan to close the blinds, and simply use the wands on the both sides to adjust them to the place you need.

Point 3 There are end caps on each side so the panels cannot glide through the extended track (3-1, 3-2). You can only open/close the panel blinds from left and right side (3-3), or from the middle to each side (3-4).

Point 4 If you want to open the panels without covering the window, outside mount both 2 tracks and adjust them to the width that is 46" wider than your window/sliding door. Keep 23" of the track on each side behind the wall while leaving the rest covering the window (4-1).
When opening the panels, open from the middle and leave the stacked panels (23") behind the wall (4-2).

Point 5 There will be an inconspicuous front-back gap (about 2.36") between these 2 sets of sliding panels.
When all the panels are closed, the rightmost panel of the left set would be next to the leftmost panel of the right set, and the depth of the track would lead to a front-back gap (the rightmost panel is always at the front, and the leftmost is always at the back).

Installation Guide for 2 Sets of Sliding Panels

GoDear Design offers a wide variety of original designed products and panels to balance fashion with safety and functionality. Though most people consider window coverings to be unnecessary home accessories, the existence themselves can't be ignored. Stylish and elegant window treatments always improve our quality of life.

Still wondering how to choose the right window treatments with infinite options? Learn more about different levels of light filtration.

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