How to Apply Decorating Fabrics

Decorating Fabrics/ Wallpaper by GoDear Design are non-pasted and require to apply adhesive by yourself. Measure and mark before cutting since the textiles are thicker than normal fabrics and wallpapers. Apply adhesive on the surface you want to attach the decorating fabric and smooth out the fabric.

mark cutting lines on fabric

Measuring and Marking

Using ruler or tape measure to estimate and mark the fabric size you want. Highly recommend marking with chalk wheel or disappearing ink pen.

trim fabrics with tailor scissors

Cutting Out Fabric

Using tailor shears to trim the fabric can keep the fabric nice and sharp. This is not an over-processed product, fringed selvedge is to be expected.

apply adhesive

Applying Adhesive

Checking the surface you want to apply is spotless and smooth. Applying just the right amount of adhesive, and brush it to let it even.

attach and smooth the fabric

Smooth Out the Fabric

Use both of your hands or smoother to smooth out the fabric. Please be gentle or you’ll squeeze out the glue yet damage the fabrics.