Brand Story - GoDear Design

Window Shades always take on an important role in interior design.

Ranging from fashion, mother nature or life experiences, GoDear Design always gets inspired by these elements and develops variable products. Our innovative sliding panel blinds and roller shades are refinedly crafted from paper and poly, which insulate the rooms against heat and cold, provide a range of light control while enhancing privacy, and bring casual elegance to your home.

With a mission to achieve every product we make are beyond user's expectations and needs. At GoDear Design shades are more than just a window covering, they are unique, innovative, and safe. We would like to offer the best possible solutions for your windows and add the finishing touches to your home design.

Yes, we create style & smile.

Best for Kids™ Certification Program

Since exposed window covering cord is oneof the top five hidden home hazards, GoDear Design gives priority to developing and designing cordless window shades or window blinds to reduce the potential strangulation risks. No cord, no string, no worries, all our products are tested and certified under the Best for Kids™ Certification Program, providing a child-safe, pet-safe and senior-friendly environment.

More than just a window covering

▸ Versatile design also makes the blind become an art piece in the space.
▸ Multiple functions as a room divider, closet cover and projector screen
▸ Provides light and temperature control, heat and cold insulation.