Tips of Picking Window Treatments for Office

We have been talking topics about blinds picking for different types of rooms and purposes, mainly focus on private space like home. Today, we will move the subject to blinds choices for public places. GoDear Design team is going to explain about how to choose the best blinds for workspace like commercial office.

blinds for home office

Office Decorating Style and Common Set-up

office interior setting

Regular office spaces often decorate in plain and simple style. All the elements tend to be in neutral colors without exaggerating ornament. This is to emphasize the atmosphere of professionalism at public workspace.

A proper office set up can create the best working atmosphere, making it easier to concentrate and level up working quality and efficiency.

Popular Options for Office Shades and Blinds

Every office has dissimilar windows, glass walls or dividers, each of their sizes and privacy requirements are unique. The following options were commonly picked for office.

  • Roller Shades: Classic design, it usually has wide variety of color, fabric, and pattern choices. It is easy to control the amount of light entered to the room; tend to have a clean and modern look.

roller shade in white color

  • Solar Shades: Best option for reducing glare on screens while still keeping the outside view through the window.
  • Aluminum Cordless Mini Blinds: Aluminum blinds are commonly selected for small office room with narrow half waist window. The price is most likely to be affordable and the durability is high; easy to be wiped and cleaned.

What to Concern While Choosing Office Window Coverings

In order to have a good working environment, we need to take concern of occupational safety and comfortability. When picking the window treatments for office, remember to always following these key points:

Moderate Light Control

Tall buildings office room usually have large-and-wide floor to ceiling windows. Therefore, to control the right amount of light is a goal. First of all, determine the atmosphere you want to have in the office.

If you are looking for a bright room with more natural light that can keep everyone energetic at work, then you can choose semi-sheer blinds or light filtering blinds. Without covering too much, blinds with semi-sheer and light filtering function can filter sharp light and allow most lights to enter the room.

You can conserve the usage of electricity during the daytime, and natural light can always keep everyone wide-awake and fresh.

Indoor Temperature Control

Summer and western exposure from afternoon sun can be really harsh and unendurable. Blackout window treatments are certainly the big helper under this circumstances. They can block up most of the light and help to cool down the temperature inside, and keep out the unbearable heat outside.

Meanwhile in winter, blackout blinds block cold air coming through from the windows. Keep the room in a moderate temperature will make people feel more comfortable while concentrate on works. They are best for bedroom, nursery room and home theater where needed completely darkness at a specific time in a day.

Privacy Requirement

Room darkening and blackout blinds provide higher level of privacy. Considering privacy is needed in some areas like conference room or private office, it is better to choose the corresponding level of privacy window coverings.

You might want to keep the outside view as well, thus you can choose light filtering function blinds in light colors or has non-woven backing that you can see slight movement outside while offering sufficient privacy when talking business.

blackout blinds for large windows

Better Durability

High quality window treatments can last for a long time, so users don’t need to buy and change into a new one shortly after. However, if you feel like changing mood or styles during different seasons, choose the panel blinds come with hook and loop fastener on the top side of each panel fabrics, they can be swapped and replaced easily and rapidly.

The Design Can Fit the Style of Office

Choose window treatments that match the style and vibe of your office. Safe and calm colors like grey, black, white are very suitable for finance or data analysis related company office. If you are a creative worker or designer, you might want to have blinds in bold, vibrant colors or with patterns. 

Public Safety Standard

We have mentioned the occupational safety issue earlier in this blog. Here are two points about window treatments are designed to fit the standard of public safety.

  • Cordless Operation: To stay out of strangulation accident, instead of using string to control the blinds, operate directly from the hands or wand to open and close the window treatments is a better way to avoid any risk.
  • Flame Retardancy: To ensure the public safety, any fabrics used in public spaces required to be a certain level of fire resistant. Such as theater curtains, drapery for stage etc. People need to be aware of the potential risk of fire extension on fabrics, since it could have happened fast and spread to a large group of people in a short time. Nevertheless, flame retardancy regulations may be varying in different states or local. Check if the window coverings you have chosen are safe enough and meet the standard before you purchase or install them.

Now you may have the ideal blinds in your mind that suits your office, so it’s time to enjoy your journey of decoration! 

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