Best Blackout Blinds for Home Theater Room

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Home theaters are no longer the privilege for rich and celebrities. They became more and more common and affordable.

The advantages of having a home theater are the comfortability and convenience.

Families and friends are able to enjoy and experience quality movie time or watch sport games without visiting the public theater or bar. Feel free to eat and share snacks or just find a comfortable spot to chill and lay on the sofa.

Basic Requirements for Perfect Home Theater Ideas

If you want to build a perfect home theater, we would like to share some vital points to you so you can make things right.

Find A Tranquil and Individual Space

Home movie theater room is where you should be 100% focus and chill while staying in there. When a theater room shares a space with other activities, viewers are going to be bothered or interrupted, the viewing quality will surely have decreased. Try to avoid noisy, loud ambient when you arrange the location for your home theater. For example, if the kitchen or laundry room is set right next to the theater room may cause annoying sounds or some unignorable smell. 

home theater setting

Screen Distance and Seats for Home Theater

To have better and much comfortable viewing quality, viewing angle is better at 30 degrees. To set the distance between the seat and projector screen is also a huge business. The method of getting to know the perfect screen distance is to calculate based on the size of the screen and room.

In most situation for regular home theater, the distance should be twice as large as the size of the screen. For example, if you had a 70-inch screen then your seat distance from the screen should be further then 140-inch.

As for the home theater seat design, you can choose to have normal theater sofa chairs or you can take the home theater to a whole new level: cinema sofa bed! Choose whichever you prefer, as long as it is perfectly comfy for you.

Relaxing in a room with blackout blinds

Light Control

Light control is substantial when we build movie room. Even a tiny bit of glimmer will disturb your experience of watching, such as light leaking from other sources outside of the media room, natural light, or street light through the windows. 

Things to Consider When Choosing Blackout Blinds

We do love to have natural light in our home. However, home media room is a space where you want to do the exact opposite thing. You seek for less light, or even zero lighting. Therefore, choosing the suitable blackout window treatment is important.

To Use Inside Mount or Outside Mount

Inside mount surely have a neater look because the track is hiding inside the top of the window frame. This took up less space and can show the completeness of the whole window frame. However, the weak points of inside mount are the light leaking problem and the track blinds cannot be fully opened. If you really have to use inside mount, you can also consider to install light blockers to cover the beam from the edge of panel blinds.

Inside mount for sliding panel blinds

In order to have a perfect and dark environment for home theater room, in most situation we recommend you to choose outside mount. Outside mount can provide complete coverage and block the light outside your window. And visually, outside mount can make your window look wider and taller. Even if you have a bay window that is irregular shaped, you just need to measure the approximate width and tall that you are going to mount on the top of the wall. Skipping complicated measurement for each window is the biggest advantage of outside mounting.

outside mount for sliding panel blinds

For more information and details about measurement, click to read on
→ How to Measure for GoDear Design Vertical Blinds

Comparisons Between Various Kinds of Blackout Window Coverings

There are plenty of choices for home theater window coverings, and here are some general picks.

  • Blackout curtains / drapes

Blackout curtains and drapes usually have more than 2 layers which can absorb up to twice as much noise as general curtains. The purpose of drapes is to block light, offer privacy, and the design can add visual interest to a room.

  • Blackout roller / cellular shades

With the minimalist and modern look, roller and cellular shades can fit around different interior styles. They are easy to roll up and down and can save up more energy. It helps in blocking cold air and heat transfer between your home and outdoors. This can keep your room cool in summer and warm in winter.

  • Motorized shades

For modern people, electric shades are the life changer. It can make your life easier by simply remote controlling the shades with controller, phone application, or virtual assistant. They are convenient for busy and lazy people. However, the system requires electricity and you may need to pay more on energy bill.

room with blackout blinds

Classic blackout window blinds with track on the top, simple and elegant style can easily cover most of the patio doors and large windows. It is effortless to operate and energy-efficient. Not only they can block the light from outside, woven blended with layers can also avoid heat and cold air coming through from the windows.

About GoDear Design’s Paper Blackout Blinds

Just like any other curtains installation, you will need to measure the size of the windows first to determine the size of panel blinds and track can fit your windows.

Basic Specification of Blackout Vertical Blinds

GoDear Design's 4-rail track is adjustable anywhere from 45.8” to 86” length and the wide is 2.56”. If you choose inside mount, the depth of frame requires at least 2.5”. 

headrail depth requirement

If you have a large and wide window to cover then you might need at least 2 sets of it. The dimension of each panel is 23-inch-wide and 96-inch-tall. All of our fabrics are trimmable so even if you want to mount for half windows, you can simply cut them to fit the length of your windows. No need to concern the fringed selvedge, hiding fabric edges with bottom bars that included in the product package.

Pros and Cons

Disadvantages of our Blackout Panel blinds

  • Light may slightly leak through the gap between panels
  • Colors might be changing after exposing to the sunlight for a long while
  • Not waterproof

 Advantages of our Blackout Panel blinds

  • Lightweight
  • Elegant & minimalist design
  • Doesn’t have to be dark and heavy colored
  • Blocking heat and cold air (energy-saving)
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Trimmable fabric can easily fit the length of your windows
  • Adjustable 4-rail track

Now you have an idea of how to design your home theater properly, hope you will have a good one!

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