How to Pick Window Blinds for Nursery Room

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Raising a kid is not an easy task. Especially when you try to balance life between baby and the precious “me time”. The thoughts of separating living spaces with children is now rising. New parents who live in small houses, short on budget or hard to leave the baby sleeping alone may struggle whether to set a nursery room or not. However, nursery room is somehow necessary for both babies and parents. Here are what we think.

The Purpose of Having Nursery Room

Baby bedroom is where your baby sleep and spend almost 2/3 of a day (in hours). It is also the space to store all your baby’s items. Therefore, to set up an individual, comfortable, and safe nursery room is definitely matter.

You don’t really have to make the nursery room too fancy or be busy taking references from Pinterest ideas. A small room with simple crib, mattress, sofa chair and some storage spaces will be perfect for your baby as well.

nursery room decor

Why Do We Need Nursery Room?

Baby room is not only a space for your child but also for you. You will spend quite a lot of time in it. Basic routine like night feeding and napping. When they grow older you will be there more often for playtime and tummy time as they begin to explore more of the world.

No matter how many kids you have, how old they are, you definitely need some personal space to set peaceful mind and stay focus on your own work.

Especially during the pandemic, most of parents changed their work routine and started to work from home, which means parents and babies are literally staying together 24/7. With different routine between parents and infants, the best way to avoid disturbing each other is to divide living space.

Nursery Room Decor Dos and Don’ts

To start with, budget setting will be the very first and essential step. This will determine what kind of styles and items you are going to go for.

As for the baby room, safety is always the priority that we should take into consideration. We must avoid all the possibilities that will possibly harm the babies. The following list helps to remind you to be extra mindful while decorating for the nursery.


  • Apply Non-toxic painting or child-safe wallpaper
  • Choose Cordless window blinds
  • Choose wooden floor for easy cleaning
  • Use harmonious color
  • Stick with the specific style
  • Utilize right on point accessories and decorations
  • Pick multi-use & well storage cabinets
  • Have natural wooden furniture for warm atmosphere


  • Drawers and edges are dangerous
  • Not baby-proofing the room
  • Have excessive bedding items may cause to suffocation
  • Forget the lighting (avoid harsh lighting and untreated windows)
  • Cabinets and shelves without drilling

How to Pick Window Treatments for Nursery Room

Why blackout blinds are necessary for babies? Infants’ eyes sense stronger light and are much more sensitive than adults' eyes. Even just a short blast of brightness will inhibit melatonin working, and surely disturb baby’s sleeping quality and effect their development.

It is important that babies should have right and regular circadian rhythm to enhance their ability to distinguish day and night, hence they can follow the right routine to rest and grow better. If you want to make it easier for your baby to catch good sleeps, then we will say your babies definitely NEED blackout blinds!

Nursery Window Coverings Dos and Don’ts

Here are few points that parents should take consideration before determine.


  • Avoid floor-length draperies
  • Properly install window treatments
  • Blinds are better than curtains for small room
  • Consider and match with similar styles
  • Choosing eco-friendly & high quality products
  • Go for cordless options and put safety first


  • Purchase Embellished Curtains
  • Use tension rods

Different Types of Window Treatments Often Used in Nursery

  • Roman Shades

There are quite a lot roman shades on the market that can customize to fit the size of your windows. They are easy to be rolled up and down, and match with various decoration styles.

  • Curtain

Curtains are the classic choice for everyone. Customers will have plenty of options for choosing between colors, patterns or even different light transmittance. Curtains are perfect for layering and matching with drapery, roller shades, gauze blinds.

  • Cordless Roller Shades

Cordless roller shades are stress-free to operate and without the strings, you won’t need to worry about the strangulation accident. And with the neat finishing, your nursery will be pleasing to the eye for you and the babies.

  • Panel Track Blinds

Vertical panel blinds with hook and loop fastener on the side that attached to the track are effortless to open and close by simply using the wand with only one hand. The overall look is concise, and those panels are easy to be replaced by ripped off from the hook and loop fastener side.

What is Good About GoDear Design’s Blinds?

Choosing right window treatments for your baby, so baby can have a perfect, comfortable sleeping and living environment. GoDear Design’s blinds create various of styles and colors.

Most of colors and patterns are gender neutral that can match most of the styles and fit for all seasons. With hook and loop fastener on the top edge of panel fabrics, you can switch panels easily in different seasons without changing the entire track.

We care about children’s health and safety. To reduce any possibilities that may cause to allergy, cutting of allergen like dust mite is essential. Dust mite love warm and humid environment; and paper fabric blinds tend to absorb LESS moisture than normal curtain and drapery. For more information about how to clean paper fabric please visit the blog.

Nursery Room Window Treatments Ideas

Have no clue about how to design and decorate nursery room? Be sure you always search for more ideas on social media, browsing pictures and articles, this can stimulate your motivations. We are going to go through some popular decor ideas for the baby/kid room, and maybe you will find some useful content at this moment!

Cozy & Clean Modern Minimalist

Minimalist look room with simple white or beige wall, decoration, and furniture set an elegant and cozy atmosphere for babies and kids. Fresh and contemporary white spaces are clean, bright, and always in trend. Even if your nursery space is small, all-white decor could make tiny room feel more spacious and brighter.

mommy and baby seating at windowsill

One of GoDear Design’s proud finished vertical blinds Catch me probably can be your favorite choice, simple white sliding panels with mysterious wavy line. In daylight, you will see shadow line in grey. At night, those stripes will turn into soft white line.

With non-woven backing, it can filter out some sharp light from outside. If you want to have blackout function, you can create layered look with your own drapes or blinds.

Go for Boho Style Bedroom

Boho style room is getting popular among the days. It often takes inspiration from the beauty of natural elements which is perfect for babies and kids. They will feel peaceful in this place with relaxing and inviting atmosphere.

boho nursery room

Boho kids room usually contains muted but colorful decorations, natural and neutral color textile items, and of course something wooden. Bubo in natural color looks comfortable and naturally fits in with the boho vibe.

Simple & Gender-Neutral Nursery Decor

Gender neutral means not following the stereotypes of what a girl or boy's nursery should look like. As for the parents who are expecting more than one baby, to maximize the utilization of nursery is to design with neutral style and colors.

For people who choose to go with genderless style, they usually decorate in grey, white, beige, and nature wood colors. Gender neutral style for nursery may look like trying to play it safe. However, they can be cozy and beautiful as well.

With Ivory dawn, your nursery space can go for Nordic style which is basic and elegant.

grey blinds in bedroom

Create Classic & Functional Nursery

If your baby is a light sleeper and very sensitive while sleeping, your nursery DO need blinds which can keep the space as dark as possible. Munich Castle+ from Blackout series will be your best decision.

munich castle+ blackout blinds
We recommend you to layer with gauze blinds inside the window frame, thus you can easily control the light inside the baby room. Your baby can enjoy soft light while playing during the daytime and rest in extreme dark room environment to sleep tight through the night.

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