Natural Sunlight and Shadow Make Your Home Dynamic

Architects or interior designers always have unique observations and imaginations about "light and shade". Those extraordinary design and work ideas come from the delicate insights and accumulated experience of their daily life. Natural light and shadow make any room dynamic at different times.

You can also be an excellent creator of light and shadow
indoor portrait photography

If you like to observe the changes in light and shade, you may take pictures before sunset by the window. Many photographers take indoor portrait with natural light. Some food photographers use simple gadgets, such as bowl scrapers, aluminum foil, cardboard, mirrors, cloth curtains, translucent or semi-seer blinds, as reflectors or backgrounds to take beautiful food photos with natural light in an hour before sunset.

food photography

Why not let the soft light shine through “I Knit Jute” in your home?
Maybe you just want to enjoy a moment of sunshine. You can replace your curtains with GoDear Design’s semi-sheer or light filtering sliding panels. Woven look and texture fabric made that allows light to gently filter through. This season, our new arrival series “I Knit Jute”, of which materials deliver natural color and vitality at every time of day. These exquisite jute-poly blended woven fabrics will make your window decorations more delicate.

 window treatment ideas-soft light shine through PU’ER TEA

window treatment ideas-soft light shine through-wheat
window treatment ideas-soft light shine through-yoga
window treatment ideas-soft light shine through-tatami

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