How to Keep It Neat? Cleaning Tips for Paper Decor Fabric

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Decor fabric and window coverings made from natural paper material, which is the core feature of GoDear Design’s textile. Before purchasing, some consumers may be wondering about the tenacity of paper fabric. However, with special processing and unique woven technique, those paper fabrics are actually firm and sturdy than you can ever imagine.

decor fabric knit process

We used natural materials like paper, jute, and woven blend with poly, offering natural woven fabrics with a warm and meticulous touch.

Decorating with decor fabric can add character, colors and vivid pattern to your spaces in a simple way. Ideal for refreshing furniture, handicrafts projects, and more.

Products made with natural materials are appealing to customers since 2020. During the pandemic, people started to pursue the comfortability for home, choosing something natural, eco-friendly and have lower environmental impact. In general, natural materials are commonly regarded better than artificial one in almost every aspect.

You can even mix and match different organic materials for decorating any corner of your home, and customize the style to suit your preferences.

Easy Cleaning the Decor Fabrics

The Maintenance Problem of Normal Fabrics

Other than normal fabric that is hard to remove the dust or dirt that stick on the fabric, which usually takes plenty of time and energy to wash and dry. And after washing will cause to be creased on the fabric.

We understand what you need! Our decor fabrics made with natural materials are quite easy to maintain and clean with accessible tools.

In this article, we’re going to guide you how to clean paper fabric fairly.

Accessible Cleaning Tools and Methods

Since our decor fabrics were all made by paper that are non-washable, keeping it tidy and also protect the integrity of the textile are both essential matters.

Cleaning paper fabrics only takes a few steps, but the key is to avoid using water directly. Water will damage the paper and break down the adhesive used to keep the woven textile together.

Here are few cleaning tools and methods we recommend you to use on the decor fabrics.

  • Dust Wiper or Lint Roller

decor fabric lint roller for cleaning

For general dust removal jobs, you can simply use dust wiper or lint roller with minor glutinousness to gently stick dust and fiber on paper fabrics. Those tools are quite basic and easy-to-get in every family.

  • Vacuum Cleaner with Brush Head Attachment
decor fabric vacuum cleaning with brush attachment

    For a large area of decor fabric decoration or much stubborn dust, you can choose to have vacuum cleaner to dust it all. It will be better to install brush head attachment, in order to protect the delicate paper fabric. The brush attachment is designed to attach to a vacuum tube that sucks hair or small pieces of fragments, directly from the brush to the vacuum canister.

    When vacuuming hard surfaces, the brush roll can often push dust and debris away from the vacuum before it can be suctioned. Therefore, using vacuum is also a very effortless way to maintain the cleanness of the decor fabric.

    • Slightly Damp Cloth
    decor fabric cleaning with slightly damped cloth

      Our decor fabric can be used as table runner and placemat. However, eating can be really messy and cause stain problem sometime. Using dish towel or any kinds of cloth wipes, and slightly damp (as dry as possible) for cleaning the stain spots, you need to be extra gentle when cleaning paper fabric; or else you’ll damage the paper and ruin the perfection of your home decoration.

      • Wet Wipes

      The same usage as damp towel, but it is easier to get and the moisture level is lower than wet cloth wipes. You don’t need to wash and able to throw it away straight after you finish the cleaning work.

      Tips You Need to Keep in Mind

      After reading this article, now you have the ideas of how to clean your decor fabric. It is the time to roll up your sleeves and start your work.

      Once you get on your cleaning, keep those guidelines in mind:

      • Identify what kind & the level of the stain/dirt.
      • Decide and prepare the tools you want to use.
      • If you are planning to use vacuum cleaner, be additional careful about the suction level, otherwise it will probably crinkle your fabric or cause to serious damage.
      • Be gentle while vacuuming and wiping.
      • Slightly damp cloth should contains just a tiny bit of moisture. The best way to prevent overly wet is to moist only a small corner of the wipe cloth, squeeze as hard as you can and make it really dry. Then gently tap on the dirt spot softly, tap intermittently until the stain was cleaned and faded.
      • If you used adhesive on the fabric before, don’t try to remove it from the surface you applied, or you might tear up and ruin the paper fabric.

      These are the suggestions that we can provided to you at this moment. However, we DO NOT encourage you to FREQUENTLY cleaning your paper fabric with watery cloth, since paper is weak with liquid, and the colors might be faded after constantly cleansing. Just so you know, the characteristics of decor fabric is similar to normal wallpaper. It requires to be renewed after years.

      Decorating with natural materials will enhance comfortability of your interior space. Such as paper fabric for wall decor, wooden floors or bamboo items, which can help to improve home aesthetic.

      Just bear in mind, be extra gentle to your fabric, treated as an important item in your home. Occasionally cleaning is acceptable, but don’t rub it too hard and too often.

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