Beat Summer Heat with Window Treatments 2023

Summer window treatment

Summer is the season of outdoor activities and air conditioning, it can also be the season of replacing the window coverings to provide better shading effect, like room darkening blinds or blackout blinds.

But how to keep the heat at bay during the hot and sweaty summer months? Here are some simple, energy-saving ways to cool off and buffer your house from overheating.

  • Stay hydrated or keep a glass of water closer
  • Take a cold shower or bath
  • Try cooling essential oils like spearmint, peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus
  • Wear cool clothing that made of breathable material
  • Install ceiling fans to get the air moving
  • Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs (LED light bulbs) that create much less heat
  • Eat something spicy or get some frozen treats
  • Most important of all, close your window coverings before the sun sets. Keep your home as cool as possible. The more sun you keep out, the more heat you keep out!

Summer Window Treatment Ideas

Vertical blinds are increasingly popular in recent years. With safe, flexible, versatile, easy-to-use features, GoDear Design's ready-made sliding panel track blinds are refinedly crafted from paper and poly, which provide a range of light control while adding the finishing touches to fit your home decor.

If you consider replacing your current window covering to get a better shading effect or keep the sun and heat out, don’t skip this page! Read on to know which option is the best for your home.

If You Need Natural Light in Your Room

GoDear Design's most-love sliding panel blinds Pecan and Twist Roll (privacy level 2) are a denser alternative to light filtering blinds. With the nature-inspired design and high-density weave, these blinds reduce the glare and incoming heat without compromising your privacy. This summer, swap out your dated curtains and drapes with these sliding panel shades for a breezier, natural look and feel. Lighter shades can reflect heat and light away from your room.

Summer light-filtering blinds - Pecan

Summer light-filtering blinds - Twist Roll

If you prefer a higher level of privacy, then Neat of Urban Plaid series or Bangkok Klong of Travel the World series maintaining the 3rd level of privacy are also a good option. These plain weave fabrics with non-woven backing can transform harsh sunlight into a flattering glow.

Summer light-filtering blinds - Neat

summer vertical blinds

If You Need Both Solar Shield and The View

Solar shade or solar blind fabric is used to be designed as solar roller shades which is known for their UV-blocking and budget-friendly features. The solar shades are available in several screen openness factors ranging from 1 - 14%. Openness means the tightness of the fabric weave. A low openness factor features more heat control and glare reduction with less visibility, while higher openness provides greater visibility but less privacy. Just keep in mind, the higher the number, the more open your view.

Summer solar shades

If You Want to Darken Your Room

Room darkening blinds reduce the amount of light entering the room, making it darker but not pitch-dark as blackout shades, and improving energy efficiency in any of your spaces. Munich Castle (privacy level 3) is one of our straight-A kids all year round. Its grayscale color comes from white paper and black yarn weaved.

Summer room darkening blinds - Munich Castle

Black is symbolic of mystery, power, and sophistication. If you want to infuse a more dramatic look, black window treatment is a bold choice. When using black window treatment in your home, going bright with some neutral colors will be a good idea to get over the common fear of using black. Pilot Whale won't make your room pitch black, it allows light to gently filter through and provides the privacy you need.

summer vertical blinds

If You Want to Make a Pitch-Black Room

Blackout Blinds, maintaining the highest shading level, are the best solution for the west-facing windows. The blackout sliding panels with thermal backing are an innovative solution to block almost all incoming light and retain cool in summer. If you are seeking blackout window blinds in neutral gray blending of white and black thread, try Airo + or Diamond Silver + woven with metallic luster and cup sequins.

Summer blackout blinds - Airo plus

Summer blackout blinds - Diamond Silver plus

Earthy toned window blinds like Wood that can match any room’s decor are another option. This year, brown in all of its various shades are back! The shades of brown bring about calm and warmth that make us feel safe and settled surrounded by. This is the reason why interior designers never stop decorating with brown.

Summer blackout blinds - Wood

Vertical panel blinds are a useful window treatment for large spaces such as patio doors, balcony door, and large windows. If you haven't tried any of GoDear Design’s cordless blinds which adapt themselves to a wide variety of home decorating styles, the above mentioned versatile yet decorative blinds will be the perfect alternatives for this summer.

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