Invest in Winter Window Coverings to Warm Up Your Home

How to get windows winter-ready

Winter is a time when we all want to stay warm and cozy inside our homes, but the rising fuel costs are still a massive problem at the moment. We can expect that staying warm in freezing cold wintertime is going to be a lot more expensive.

But how to stay warm as the weather grows colder without turning up the furnace? Here are some simple, energy-saving ways to help you warm up and keep your house warm.

  • Close the windows properly to block drafts
  • Close unused rooms
  • Make warm food and beverages
  • Get moving and keep your feet warm
  • Seal your windows
  • Put up winter window blinds or draperies to keep the heat in and the draft out

One of the most effective ways to keep the cold out and the heat in is by using winter window coverings. These coverings not only insulate your windows but also offer a range of benefits to make your winter cozier and more energy-efficient. Remember, a well-insulated home not only keeps you cozy, but it also helps to save energy and reduce heating costs.

Benefits of Using Winter Window Coverings

As the chilly season approaches, it's essential to keep your home cozy and energy-efficient. When it comes to retaining warmth and reducing energy costs, your windows play a crucial role. Invest in the perfect winter window treatments to combat icy drafts and maintain a comfortable indoor environment. Here, we've rounded up some advantages of using winter window coverings.

Keep The Cold Out

Not only reducing glare and protecting your furniture from heat in summer, but winter window coverings can also help to insulate against the cold. They can prevent unpleasantly cold winter air from entering through the gaps of your windows. This retains warm air inside and prevents icy drafts in wintertime.

Reduce Energy Costs

During the cold winter months, heat escaping through poorly insulated windows can significantly drive home heating costs up. Investing in good window insulation saves money. With proper insulation over your windows, your heating system doesn't have to run as often to maintain a warm temperature indoors. Minimizing unnecessary heat loss through windows results in lower monthly utility bills.

Provide Complete Privacy

In addition to insulating capabilities, many winter window treatments are also designed to provide full light blocking and privacy. Opaque window treatments like cellular shades, wooden shutters, and quilted blackout curtains with liner fabrics fully obscure outside light and views. You don’t have to worry about neighbors or passerby’s peering into your illuminated rooms at night. They also give you the best sleep environment when you're experiencing intense wintertime fatigue in the afternoon.

Window Coverings That Provides Insulation

As winter is around the corner, it becomes increasingly important to insulate our homes to prevent heat loss. One of the best places to focus your insulation efforts is on your windows. The right winter window coverings can help stop cold drafts, retain warm air, and lower energy bills.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are a highly recommended option when it comes to insulating your windows. They have a unique honeycomb design that creates air pockets that effectively trap air to create an additional layer of insulation. The tighter the fit to the window, the better these treatments can eliminate drafts.

cellular shades for winter


Shutters emerge as the ideal choice for the season. These classic window coverings excel at insulation. When closed, shutters create a tight seal against the window frame. Their thick materials create an effective barrier against the cold air outside, helping to insulate your living spaces.

Winter window coverings shutters


Layering heavy drapes over your existing window treatments doubles up insulation. The trapped air space acts as a buffer against cold and heat loss. Choose heavier thermal-lined draperies and make sure they extend beyond your window frame to ensure they effectively block out the cold air.

drapes for winter

Roman Shades

Roman shades made from thicker fabrics make an excellent winter window covering choice for their superior insulating capabilities. They create insulation through folded layers (air pockets) that trap warm air and provide a cold air barrier. They also add a touch of sophistication to your interior while keeping your home warm and snug.

Winter window coverings Roman shades

Solar Shades

Solar shades can also provide ideal temperature control during colder months while often associated with cooling. They can be installed easily over or behind existing coverings to double up thermal keep. The sheer fabric creates a daylight-filtering barrier between frigid outside air and your window glass in interiors.

Other Tips to Cover Your Windows

Aside from using specific window coverings, there are several other tips that is in effectively covering your windows during the cold winter. These additional suggestions can provide further insulation and enhance the overall effectiveness of your window treatments.

Window Insulation Film

Applying window insulation film creates a double pane effect, trapping still air between the film and the window glass to insulate. The air gap acts as a thermal buffer zone that prevents heat transfer through windows. This lightweight, visually transparent option is ideal for those who don't want to obstruct their view with heavy coverings.

Seal The Window Gap

To further enhance window insulation, take the time to seal any gaps or cracks around your drafty windows. Use caulking or weather stripping to prevent cold air from infiltrating your home. By properly sealing any existing openings of your windows, you can effectively prevent drafts and minimize the amount of heat that escapes from your home.

Seal window gap in winter

Blackout Your Windows

Consider using blackout curtains or blinds to block out not only cold drafts but also external light sources. Blackout window treatments create perfect darkness to improve sleep quality in bedrooms. They also help maintain cozy ambiance in living rooms while allowing you to instantly transform the space into a home theater for enjoying movies or sports with ideal viewing conditions.

Winter window coverings blackout

Embracing winter comfort in your home is easily achievable with the use of winter window coverings. Whether you prioritize keeping the cold out, reducing energy costs, or enhancing your privacy and aesthetics, these coverings offer a range of benefits that make your winter season more enjoyable. Get your windows winter ready to stay warm and enjoy the comfort!

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