Are Window Valances Dated and Out of Style

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Window valances are part of the home decoration pieces that cover above the top of blinds or other window treatments. They achieve both functional and aesthetic purposes. Overall, valance is a versatile and stylish setting to the windows, adding a touch of elegance and practicality to any room.

Functionally, window valances can help to block out excess sunlight and reduce glare through the upper side of window frames, which can make a space more comfortable to stay in. They can also provide insulation, preventing heat loss or gain through the windows.

Aesthetically, valances can add an extra layer of decoration and cover hardware or curtain rod. They can also help to balance out the proportions of a window, create a taller look and make it more visually pleasing.

Tips to Choose Stylish and Lasting Window Valances

Window valances are not necessarily old-fashioned; some people still want to keep them for beautifying their windows or resolving the light leaking problem. But how can we make wise choice for the valances that will never go out of style? Here are some suggestions of the valance styles you should consider.

Simple Pattern

Valance with simple and classic pattern like stripes or regularly repeated pattern can never go wrong. These styles can help to add personality to your window design and make the whole space vivid.

Neutral Style

Go for hard cassette window valance if you prefer to have minimalism look or want to keep everything neat and clean. Hard valance usually made from sturdy material like aluminum or plastic. They can last for a long time and are very easy to clean with dust wiper or damp fabric.

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Style Matches Your Home Decor

What could be helpful to enhance the look of the entire room? Choose the valance that matches your shades/blinds or interior style is the simplest and safest way. Always go for similar color scheme so you don’t need to worry about they are going to be outmoded. Please be reminded not to pick the one with strong characteristic, and you can avoid visual fatigue.

Style of Valances That Might Be Outdated 

Though some people may think valances are essential setting for the windows. There are some styles of valance that were particularly popular in the past that may not be as popular now. Some examples include: 

Ruffled Valances

Ruffled valances were popular design element between 1980s and early 1990s. Ruffles still be used in certain decor styles like imperial interior room or farmhouse. However, they may be seen as overly fussy or outdated among modern interiors.

ruffled valances imperial style

Scarf Swag Valances

These valances feature a draped fabric that is gathered in the middle and hangs down on two sides of the window. Swag valances were common among traditional interior setting, somehow, they are way too formal and difficult to maintain. 

Lace Valances

Lace valance with sheer fabric are romantic. They provide slightest level of privacy, which is unquestionably not suitable for windows in the bedroom. Their function is quite narrow, mostly for decoration purpose. And the look is too “princess” that is hard to match with most contemporary interior styles.

Lace valances for kitchen windows

Why Valances Are No Longer Needed in Common Family

The popularity of window valances has decreased in recent years due to changes in design trends and the upgrading of product design. Here are few points can explain this shift.

Modern Interior Trends

One reason for this change is modern style window treatments often prioritize simplicity and minimalism over ornate or complicated decorations. Many homeowners will go for clean-lined curtains or shades that do not require a valance to improve the appearance. 

Hardware Design Improvement

Valances were often used to hide unsightly hardware like curtain poles or brackets. However, there are plenty of options available nowadays, you can find much stylish and embellished hardware, such as decorative finials or sleek design metal rods. Therefore, there is short of need for valances to satisfy this purpose. 

Better Solutions for Insulation and Light Leaking Problem

To avoid beam shine through the window frame edge, now we have better solutions for that apart from using window valance to cover. There has new progress on installation method, those allow homeowner to mount in different way, such as wall mounting the rail or shaft at a higher position on the wall but not inside the frame. This can help to cover larger area and fill the gaps between the fabric and wall.

As for the function of blocking out heat or coldness, now homeowners can pick blinds composed by thicker fabric and with backings. Or even choose blackout window blinds with special processed materials that is helpful for thermal insulated. They can help reduce heat loss in the winter and block the sun from heating up home in the summer. 

Design trends are constantly evolving, and what may be considered outdated today could come back and become popular again in the future. Valances can still be a great option for enriching your home decoration. Ultimately, whether to install valances for the windows or not, this is a matter of personal preference and the overall presentation you would like to accomplish. 

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