How to Preview Blinds Without Using Window Treatment Visualizer

window treatment visualizer

The online shopping trend has grown a lot in recent years and is not going away in the near future. We buy things from our homes instead of travelling to multiple stores or waiting to pay at a checkout counter. However, selecting the blinds color and pattern online is still and always a gamble!

With the convenience of online shopping and the ability to preview different options before making a purchase, using a window treatment visualizer tool can save your time and money while ensuring make the right choice for your space.

What is Window Treatment Visualizer

A window treatment visualizer is a powerful tool or software that allows you to view different window treatment options. You can select different options such as color, style, and material and see how they would look on your window or in a particular room. Some visualizers even allow you to adjust the lighting and time of day to get a more realistic preview.

They are particularly useful for homeowners and designers who want to see how different window treatments would look before making a purchase or committing to a specific design.

While many people are turning to visualizers to help them view different window treatment options, there is always a BUT! Some visualizers may not work on all devices and cause the difficulty when customizing the window treatment to your preferences. With limited accuracy and window covering options, they are simply a tool to help you visualize the options. You cannot get any advice or expertise from the window treatment specialist.

GoDear Design’s Preview Blinds Service

Window treatment visualizer can be very helpful, but if you don’t have access to a compatible device, this state-of-the-art technology may limit your ability to fully preview different design options. We fully understand your concern! Our new service is here to help envision what your windows will virtually look like with different vertical blinds and roller shades.

Preview blinds just a few steps away! Here are the step-by-step guide you can follow from measuring window to filling our application form. Let us help you create the perfect look for your home or commercial space. If you have any further questions, kindly leave message while filling the application form. GoDear Design Team is more than happy to help!

window treatment visualizer guide

Take Photos of Blinds Installing Places

Take eye level shots of the areas you are planning to install the blinds or roller shades. Keep the target right in the middle of the photos and leave the area in front of the blinds empty. Note that brighter photos are generally easier for us to edit.

Measure the Blinds Installing Areas

Measure the areas you are planning to install the blinds or shades and take measurements in inch. Before measuring, you must first decide how much area/space the blinds and shades are going to cover, and then the mounting method afterwards. You can read this article for more measuring information: How to Correctly Measure for Your Vertical Blinds.

Where you need to measure:

  • Ceiling height
  • Width of the area the blind is going to cover
  • Length of the area the blind is going to cover
  • Width of your window or door
  • Height of your window or door

Fill Out and Upload Application Form

After the measurement, fill the application form out step by step. Firstly, decide what type, color, and light blocking level of the products you are interested in. Then upload the filled information with the measurements and your photos. It would be appreciated if you could mark the measurements on the photos and provide us both marked and unmarked versions. That will be awesome if you consent to share your photos on or our social media.

window treatment visualizer

How to Filter Out Specific Product on Mobile

  1. Click your wanted product type from the side menu bar on the right side.
  2. Click “Filter” to open the vertical side bar.
  3. Tick the checkbox of color and privacy level.

how to choose blinds

How to Filter Out Specific Product on Computer/Laptop

  1. Click your wanted product type from the top menu bar.
  2. Tick the checkbox of color and privacy level from the vertical sidebar on left side of the page.

how to choose blinds

Wait & See Blinds-Preview Photos

Congrats! You just finished all required steps in the application process. Now, please wait patiently for the email notification! The edited photo will be sent within 3-5 business days by email. If you like our visualized photos, share them with us on social media using #GoDearDesign to be featured on the feeds.

window treatment visualizer

Though Window treatment visualizers are powerful and convenient, they still have some technical problems that are actually incredibly difficult to solve. When your device seems incapable of installing or running these apps, you have the alternative of applying GoDear Design Preview Blinds Service instead. Taking measurements and filling out the form may take a little time, but you can leave any message to our support team in the meantime.

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