How to Install Roller Shades Properly?

install roller shades

Roller shades are still in trends obviously. They preserve their position in the window treatments field, and keep coming back with better improvements like cordless, free stop or motorized design.

We have brought up the measurement of roller shades in the earlier blog, now we are moving to the guidance of installation procedure. As you know, it is hard to include all the information in a small piece of instruction manual paper. Hopefully this blog can help any DIY beginner and eliminate your doubts while installing the shades.

Preparation and Installation for Roller Shades

Tools and parts are the basic requirements for roller shades installation. Please make sure you have included all of them before you begin.

If you found out there are any missing or defective parts, please fill out the request form within 7 days of receiving your order. The customer service team will reply to you ASAP.

Step 1 Check the Parts in Package

Once you have received the package, please double-check all the pieces mentioned in the instruction manual are not missing first. There will be:

parts for roller shades installation

  • Blind
  • Brackets
  • Lift handle
  • Screws
  • Wall anchor (optional, for cement wall)

Step 2 Prepare Needed Tools

After checking up the parts were completely contained within, you will need to collect some tools that are necessary during the installation process. Please refer to the list:

needed tools for roller shades installation

  • Pencil
  • Screwdriver
  • Electric drill
  • Steel tape measure
  • Ladder

Step 3 Decide to Inside Mount or Outside Mount

No matter what kind of window treatments you are planning to put up, the opening stage is to determine the way and the position that you are going to mount the shades or tracks.

When do you need inside mounting the shades? If you wish the blinds cover area won’t be over the range of the entire window frame, or whenever you feel like space saving is crucial.

If the windows you are planning to cover require full coverage, choose outside mount so you can reduce light leak from the edges between window frame and shades. Another merit of outside mount is when the roller shades are entirely rolled up, the valance or track won’t block the any section of the window.

Step 4 Mark the Position Where You Are Going to Screw

Before you start to screw and fix the brackets, remember to use pencil to mark the spots where you are going to install the brackets. Use tape measure to ensure the mounting position and you have left enough space for installation.

For inside mount, the frame width should be more than 3 inches to fit the blinds, leave at least 3.5 inches on the wall for outside mount.

When outside mounting, please use the brackets as the guide to mark and make sure every sides of the screw marks are at the same level.

use the brackets as the guide to mark

Step 5 Screw the Brackets

When installing on cement walls, please don’t skip the necessity of attaching wall anchors. Nails and screws are not designed for cement walls, and they can easily slip out if you don’t use wall anchors to enhance the grip.

For ceiling mount, you need to drill from the vertical position which is at the top of the bracket. As for wall mount, the screw positions are at the bottom holes on the bracket. Please refer to the picture in the manual below.

screw points for ceiling mount and wall mount 

Make sure to screw all the parts tight enough to secure roller shades and the endurance of operating weight.

Step 6 Install the Headrail into the Brackets

Once you have finished bracket installation, you can move on to the next step: attach the blind. Place the front groove on the top side of the headrail into the bracket (as shown below).

attach the blind into the groove of the headrail

Holding until it is in place, then push back to hook on the rear side of the blind. You will hear a “click” sound by the time when you know you are doing it right. Make sure you have secured the blinds on the brackets. 


Step 7 Attach the Lift Handle

Be mindful to insert the lift handle right in the center of the bottom side of the roller shades. Please notice to operate the blinds with lift handle only and must from the center point. At this step you can test the shades by lowering and raising it back and forth.

test the blinds by lowering and raising it back and forth

Remember those are the general steps, instructions might differ based on the brand and type of roller shades you have. Always refer to the installation instructions from manufacturer that came with your roller shades and get the most accurate guidance.

If you're not sure about whether you understand the whole installation process correctly, consider seeking help from a professional.

Installing roller shades is much easier than other types of window treatments. Even if you are the rookie of DIY project, roller shades are probably the least challenging one to assemble. Now try to install it by yourself!

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