Easier Ways to Change the Look of Your Home with Decor Fabric

decor fabric wall covering

It’s almost the end of the year, other than window treatments, GoDear Design wanted to present something fresh and unique for you—Decor fabric! Home decor fabric woven blended with paper/jute and poly, it shows the beauty of natural materials.

They are perfect home decoration for styling and refurbishing, or even making your old walls and furniture look brand new. You can choose from various textures and patterns based on the style you prefer.

In this article, we’d love to share more details about our new products, and showing how you can utilize these fabrics. Please keep on watching!

Raw and Natural Materials of Decor Fabrics

Sheer Texture with Chic Look

Natural Woven Blended by Paper/Jute + Poly. And all fabrics come unpasted and require to apply adhesive by yourself. In this case, you can use it in multiple ways.

We create sheer density fabric—Buffalo. It consists of black, brown, khaki woven paper fabric, and knitted with brown and white yarn. This color combination was inspired by the hue of African jungle. 

sheer density decor fabric dark tone

Canary, another fabric with loose density, it is see-through that you can still keep the original background color of your walls or furniture after you applied. Rolled and twisted paper woven together that look just like natural bamboo mat. The vibe is truly down-to-earth.

natural and earthy tone paper fabric for decoration

Easy to Apply on Flat Surfaces—Fabric with Non-Woven Backing

We still keep some of our unique fabric design, and use it in this collection. Such as pleated fabric with non-woven backing. They are quite suitable for sticking or applying on the flat walls or surfaces.

pleated vertical stripe pattern fabric with non-woven backing

Pearl Barley, aesthetic pleated stripe pattern in quality beige tone. Looking very elegant, neat and goes well with plenty of interior styles.

jute and paper material interweave fabric

Whisper, knitted and interweave with jute and paper. Sophisticated and neutral at the same time. The fluffy look gives a hint of the cozy, warm little blanket on your living room sofa.

Craft & DIY Home Decor with Fabric Inspirations

Don’t know how to use the decor fabric properly? Let us give you some decoration tips!

Fabric for Wall Decor

Decorative fabrics can be used to decorate walls as wall coverings or wallpaper. When you feel like your wall is too boring or mottled, applying decor fabric is a smart and efficient way to beautify your interior space.

panel fabric as wallpaper and wall covering

Remodeling Old Furniture and DIY Fabric Decor

Too hard to give up on ancient furniture with a lot of memories, but still wanting to change the appearance of it?  Measure, cut and stick on small pieces of decor fabric can help with that! Cabinet surface can be refreshed as if it’s the new one. You can also use it on lampshade, closet door or partition. Please note* make sure all the surfaces are flat and clean before installation.

refurbishing old cabinet with sheer decor fabric

Adding Taste to Your Home

Aside from refurbishing home furniture, our decor fabrics without back stickers that are flexible to use as table runners or placemats.

decor fabric as table runner

While you are dining or having dinner party at home, additional decorations definitely highlight your table setting. Life is better with a sense of ritual!

chic sheer fabric as table runner

Mix & Match with Sliding Panel Shades

Already owned window coverings from GoDear Design? Due to the variety of texture and pattern of our decor fabrics, it’s easy to match with simple and basic shades. And your home setting will become marvelous.

applying decor fabric on ancient furniture and match with basic sliding panel shades behind.

After reading our introduction and decoration ideas, do you feel inspired? Hope this article could give you more inspirations and help to resolve all of your interior problems. Good home takes time, meanwhile decoration could be a fun and satisfying!

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