2022 Spring Sale is Right Around the Corner. Don’t Miss out!

Spring is always a symbol of a fresh start. Why not give yourself a good reason to change your home decorations in this lovely season? Replace your old curtain with safe, stylish, innovated sliding panels from GoDear Design!

We heard you! We are now launching Spring Sale event from 4/21 – 4/27!

In order to help you make precise and smart decision easily. We would like to offer you some on sale items that we highly recommend.

Looking for Warm Vibes and Brightness in Your Home

GoDear Design Cream Chess light-filtering sliding panels in a creamy tone, bringing out the spring spirit. Woven fabric allows light gently filter through your windows and spaces. Spirited Chess pattern shows vibrant and elegance at the same time.

Looking for the Color That is Calm and Never Goes Out of Style

If you prefer to enjoy a little bit of sunlight, and also want to reduce some sharp light and heat, Waterfall Series blinds in Ripple Mocha will be a wonderful choice for you! The dark brown tinge provides calm atmosphere, not only a good window treatment but also a great room divider.

Looking for Classic Grey Blinds with Meticulous Hand Craft

Chipmunk sliding panels in classic grey are probably the color that goes well with any styles of rooms. Whether your room is in a modern or minimalist style, grey is definitely a safe and all-purpose color to choose. With sophisticated skill in woven textile, you can see an implicit pattern from fabric folds, which looks like stripe design from a distance.

Looking for Neat Look and Mild Sunlight Through Your Windows

Opening your window curtains tried to enjoy the sunshine, but still want to keep some privacy? Leisure blinds is one of our popular item that meets your requirement! Simple white fabric with woven brick pattern, brighten up your space effortlessly.

Last but not least, don't forget to take survey to get extra 10% off on your order. Enjoy you Spring Sale shopping!

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