Options for Sliding Glass Door Covering Ideas

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Have you ever thought of having glass doors in home or office? Some people would love to install the pair of those because they want to enjoy daylight or outside views while staying at home. In this article, GoDear Design Team will talk through why glass doors are so popular now and provide advices on how to choose the best window coverings for sliding glass doors.

Benefits of Installing Sliding Glass Doors 

Glass doors are commonly used in modern house design, but why do people choose glass doors rather than just having half windows or even build walls? Here are few reasons why they choose to have them.

Allow Natural Light to Shine Through

Sufficient natural daylight can boost one’s energy and mood, if you had patio doors then you will get plenty of it. People relish having sunshine to spill into their spaces a lot more than you think. It warms up the spaces and reduces spending on energy bills when it’s freezing outside. What more, you don’t even bother to turn the lights on during daytime until it gets really dark in the evening. 

Make Spaces Feel Much Open and Wider

Glass doors installation is a great way to deal with small and narrow spaces, the space will be more open. Your movement won’t be limited and are able to see whatever going on around. A wider visual range will make the space feel a lot bigger than actual.

Easy to Maintain and Clean

Cleaning job should be easy since we have to touch the surface of glass doors almost every day. Using soft damped cloth can wipe out fingerprints, dust and almost all kinds of dirt. The surface of glass material is effortless to be cleaned, so you don’t have to worry about the difficulty of removing tough stains.

Why Do We Need Covering for Glass Doors? 

You definitely owned a better view after set up glass doors, but this also means you will need to worry about privacy and sharp lighting problems. You don’t have to sacrifice any of those if you have found the right and perfect coverings. The following tips and key concerns can be the references before purchase.

Reasonable Circulation and Easy Operation

Make sure the coverings won’t bother you when walk in and out through the sliding door. For instance, over-length drapery or blinds had extra ornaments may disturb action when opening and closing. Door coverings should be operated freely and inadvertently just like “natural movement”. Also, blinds should be open in the required direction and stacked within a reasonable width.

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Try best to avoid horizontal blinds like faux wood horizontal blinds or venetian blinds with cords; because most of them are in a wide width. They could be quite heavy and need to be raised to the top every time when open the glass doors.

The Perfect Amount of Privacy Level

The major advantage of installing sliding doors is we can appreciate the clear view and the adequate brightness can come through. But how can we balance between privacy and the open view? What you can do is to find the right sliding door coverings.
Panel track blinds can be stopped at any point you want and can cover only a half of glass door, so you can still enjoy the picture of garden though the door frame.

white panel blinds for glass doors

If the sliding doors are facing private backyard or poolside, then you can choose semi sheer fabric blinds to cover up. Semi sheer blinds provide minimum level of privacy, but can filter out strong sunlight. When the glass doors face towards other buildings, sidewalk or neighborhood, we will recommend to use coverings with higher privacy level like blackout blinds to secure privacy. 

General Preferences for Glass Doors Coverings

Some people may like to hang drapery or long curtains to dress their floor to ceiling windows because they often bring out the romantic and elegant vibes to the whole house. However, glass door covering is a whole different case.

Ever since we need to frequently open and shut the doors, it would be better to choose coverings in simple, clean design and with intuitive operation, rather than heavy and clumsy fabrics that are wasting effort to use. In this section, we are going to mention a few glass door covering options that are commonly chosen by customers.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is a compromising option, it preserves outdoor lighting and conceal a part of indoor view. The only thing you have to worry about is it will limit the completeness of scenery viewing experience.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are also known as honeycomb shades; several benefits make them a popular window treatment option. They are better energy efficient blinds, often used for office areas. It is easy for users to control the amount of light to enters the room.


The shutters are made with sturdy construction and materials; therefore, they are long lasting and durable. Shutters can provide excellent privacy by completely hindering the gaze of neighbors. But installing shutters means you will have to open two doors every time when you try to pass through.

white shutters for glass doors

Vertical Blinds

When choosing vertical blinds, you have a lot of options to choose between materials and slat sizes. They are easy to match with contemporary room styles. However, the slats of vertical blinds often connected with chain one after another. When the chain is broken, it prevents the blinds from functioning properly and the slats may be stuck and not able to move.

Panel Track Blinds

With much modern design and cleaner look, the panel track blinds are sleek when sliding to different directions. They are versatile and can be used in a variety of settings, including large windows, sliding doors, and even as room dividers. The large panels cover a wider area than regular vertical blinds, making it difficult for people outside to peek at your home.

a person sit on sofa and relaxing with blackout blinds at the back

There are plenty of options for glass doors coverings, and there will be the one that is just perfect for you and meet your needs! 

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