Zero-Waste DIY: How to Make a No-Sew Window Valance

GoDear Design’s adjustable sliding panel blinds, the perfect solution for large windows, huge patio doors or bi-fold doors. Though the dimension of each panel is 23" wide and 96" tall, everyone can simply trim the panel height to what they need and install the bottom bars for a custom-look finish.

Recently, we are surprised at how our talented customers crafted their own window valances with leftover trimmings of panel fabric to cover the exposed metal brackets, screws and hardware. Therefore, we decided to try making one with our outer box.

But how to use outer box and the panels to make a simple, no-sew valance? Read the following directions! That will be a great challenge for whole family. Creating your own valance is quick, simple and fun.

Step 1 Tool Preparation

  • ruler
  • tape measure
  • scissor
  • utility knife
  • pencil or air erasable marking pen
  • tape
  • hot glue
  • outer box

Step 2 Work Area Preparation

Highly suggest to put down some layers of newspaper or craft paper to protect the work surface.

Step 3 Cardboard Measurement

Measure the extended length of track (3-1).
The cardboard size: extended track + 4.6"(L) * more than 3"(W) (3-2).

Step 4 Cut the Cardboard

Cut the cardboards and match them up (4-1).
Leave 2.3" on each side of cardboard as side-valances. Use a utility knife to cut each side slightly but do not cut them off (4-2).

Step 5 Fabric Measurement

Measure the size of the fabrics. You can use other fabrics instead (5-1).
Fabric width: A + 2" (5-2)

Step 6 Almost There!

Cut down the fabrics after measurement and simply hot glue them to the cardboard. Follow the line (see 4-2), cut the fabric a little bit to cover the corner of the valance (6-1).
Fasten the hand-made valance to the track by using hot glue (6-2). Mission complete!

Tutorial: How to Make a No-Sew Window Valance


GoDear Design’s adjustable sliding panel blinds suit a wide variety of home/office decorating styles. If you like a minimalist look with clean lines and contemporary furnishings, our poly/paper-blended panel blinds are the perfect alternative.

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