The 3-Minute Roller Shade Installation Challenge

Many customers commented that GoDear Design’s window treatments offer ease of assembly with fair price, high quality and a good sense of design. Some consumers said it only took 5 minutes to complete the installation of our FreeStop® Cordless Roller Shade.

How easy is it to DIY window coverings at home for the first time?

We planned an experimental 3-minute challenge of roller shade installation based on our customers’ reviews, and surprisingly found out the assembly could be completed within 3 minutes. It took even shorter than each pop song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.  

GoDear Design offers a wide variety of original designed products and panels to balance fashion with functionality and complement any decor. All our products are tested and certified under the Best for Kids™ Certification Program, providing a child-safe, pet-safe and senior-friendly living space. If you want to change out your window covering, come challenge while enjoying the music on Spotify! → Billboard Hot 100

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