Classic Check Pattern Uses in Window Blinds

"Life, what is it but a dream?" – Alice, Through the Looking-Glass

Semi-sheer sliding panels get a soft look, the tender fabric makes your home look elegant. You can pair them with other curtains to build up different layers in the room. This kind of window treatment brings more light to any space while providing some daytime privacy. If you are looking for light and translucent window shades in summer, GoDear Design’s semi-sheer sliding panels will be the right choice for you.

GoDear Design uses the timeless plaid design to do a new transformation in this season. The check patterns are often used in clothing and furnishing. The origin of kilt pattern is from Europe, with a long history and culture. Plaid is called “Tartan” in Scotland, Scottish use it to represent their families and clans.

Our new Chess Series is inspired by Lewis Carroll’s novel Through the Looking-Glass, which is the sequel to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. This story is about Alice’s second adventure in the Looking-Glass world where she meets many chess pieces.

Taking inspiration from this story, we combine the idea of chess and our fabrics into window treatments, creating checkered patterns on them to strike the balance between fashion and interior design. Take a look at Black King, White Queen, Bishop, Iron Knight and Rook, you will see these patterns in some delicate colors.

Furthermore, GoDear Design is having more products of Chess series. We continue to inspire by the characters in Alice’s stories. Besides semi-sheer sliding panels, we offer new window shades with light-filtering and room darkening function.

What is the difference between semi-sheer, light filtering and room darkening? Light filtering window treatments can give more privacy in the space, while semi-sheer panels allow more light into the room.

For instance, Checkmate is one of our latest light filtering products, it provides certain privacy and does the light filtration well than other semi-sheer products. Cream Chess and Gateball are also in the light filtering section.

Room darkening window coverings can provide more privacy and light filtering function at the same time, it can help to block most of light. Unicorn is a room darkening product which can help to do the work.

Do you want to have sophisticated and exquisite window coverings at home? Then don’t miss out on GoDear Design at Chess series sliding panels!

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