The Best Choice for Kids: Cordless Window Treatments

Since exposed window covering cord is one of the top five hidden home hazards, GoDear Design gives priority to developing and designing cordless window shades or window blinds to reduce the potential strangulation risks. No cord, no string, no worries, all our products are tested and certified under the Best for Kids™ Certification Program, providing a child-safe, pet-safe and senior-friendly environment.

Danger may not be obvious, going cordless and putting window covering cord safety at the top of childproofing checklist is the best choice:

Cordless Adjustable Sliding Panel Blinds

Durable and ideal for wide range of window coverings and a room divider. Woven look and texture fabrics gently filter the light through your space while still offering privacy.

Adjustable Sliding Panel Blinds | Snowy Bubo Adjustable Sliding Panel Blinds | Comet

Free Stop Cordless Roller Shades

You can just use a finger to lift up and pull down. No need to worry about sudden rebound and search for stop points, it will stop at any position you want.

Free Stop Cordless Roller Shades | Diamond Silver Free Stop Cordless Roller Shades | Solar White

Free Stop Cordless Zebra Roller Shades

Switch easily between sheer and privacy. The dual-layered sheer fabrics overlap and alternate to ensure adequate darkening and privacy while letting natural light in whenever you want it.

Free Stop Cordless Zebra Roller Shades | White Free Stop Cordless Zebra Roller Shades | Iron Gray

GoDear Design offers a wide variety of original designed products and panels to balance fashion with safety and functionality. Keeping kids & pets safe and creating a senior-friendly living space is much easier than ever!

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