Mother’s Day Window Treatment Picks

Mother’s Day Picks: Surprise Mom with New Window Treatments

Want to plan something special for your mom but can’t find any perfect surprise? If you think it’s about time to replace her grandma’s curtains and draperies, the cordless window treatments will definitely be an anything-but-ordinary Mother’s Day gift (instead of a flower bouquet). Come make her heart flutter with joy and feel extra special this Mother’s Day! Mom deserves the best!

With an array of window coverings to choose from, here are some cordless window treatment ideas that your mom will love.

Adjustable One-Way Draw Fabric Sliding Panels

Sliding panel track blinds are becoming one of the most popular window coverings on the market. GoDear Design’s woven fabric brings the sliding panels to the next level. The vertical blinds are the perfect alternative to window shades, patio door blinds, room divider and closet door if your mom like a minimalist look with clean lines and contemporary furnishings.

New Arrivals – Solar Shades Boho & Chic

These solar shades with 5% openness and excellent glare reduction can block sun’s heat and deliver a higher level of privacy while still allowing for less view through.

Solar shades with 5% openness and excellent glare reduction: Boho

Solar shades with 5% openness and excellent glare reduction: Chic

Top-Selling Item – Marble

Marble is one of our best-selling products. This chic window shade, woven with 28/72% Poly/Paper blend yarns, suits a wide variety of home decorating styles. It offers a classic visual and easy installation in safety and convenience features.

Clever, creative room dividing ideas: Marble panel blinds

Upcoming Series – Hide & Seek (Find Me, Catch Me)

Inspired by the famous children's game hide-and-seek, the white and gray panels with hidden paper yarns create a slick layered effect of light and shadow. The hidden yarns within these gray panels can only be found when the sunlight streams into the room, while the yarns in the white ones can easily be caught without sun glare.

Decorative blinds for large windows: Find Me

Decorative blinds for large windows: Catch Me

Cordless Free Stop Roller Shades

Free Stop roller shades seem to be the best choice for your always-on-the-go mom. It’s simple to lift up and pull down with only ONE finger to make her life easier. No need to worry about sudden rebound and search for stop points, it will stop at any position she wants.

Cordless Roller Shade – Dobby Stone

Living room decorating ideas & designs: the smoothest FREE STOP roller shade

Cordless Zebra Roller Shade – Latte

The dual-layered sheer fabrics of zebra shades overlap and alternate to ensure adequate darkening and privacy while letting natural light in whenever she wants it.

Interior decorating tips: zebra roller window shades

Window blinds may not be a top creative Mother’s Day gifts, but the one with contemporary craftsmanship does. Anyone who has an eye for style will be in love with our cordless decorative blinds for sure. Why not choose the right one from GoDear Design to transform your mom’s healing and peaceful space?

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