Invest in Energy Efficient Blinds to Keep Your Home Warm

How to stay warm in winter

Autumn is fading away, but the rising fuel costs are still a massive problem at the moment. We can expect that staying warm in freezing cold wintertime is going to be a lot more expensive.

But how to stay warm as the weather grows colder without turning up the furnace? Here are some simple, energy-saving ways to help you warm up and keep your house warm.

  • Close the windows properly to block drafts
  • Seal your windows
  • Close unused rooms
  • Make warm food and beverages
  • Get moving and keep your feet warm
  • Put up blackout blinds or curtains to keep the heat in and the draughts out. Here, we've rounded up 4 reasons on why you should invest in energy saving blackout blinds this winter.

Energy efficient blakcout blinds

Keep the Cold Out

Not only reducing glare and protecting your furniture from heat in summer, but blackout blinds can also help to insulate against the cold. They can prevent unpleasantly cold winter air from entering through the gaps of your windows when outside mounting, maintaining pleasant temperatures in wintertime.

Reduce Energy Costs

The blackout blinds are known as energy efficient window treatment. GoDear Design blackout panels with thermal backing can prevent unnecessary heat loss, keeping the warmth within your home in the cold winter months. Their insulation against cold can help you stay warm more cheaply with a reduction of your energy use.

Complete Privacy

Pleated paper fabric is the most characteristic product of GoDear Design. These natural woven fabrics with metallic luster and non-woven fabric work perfectly for privacy. They give you the best sleep environment when you're experiencing intense wintertime fatigue in the afternoon.

GoDear Design blackout blinds

Enjoy FIFA Live Streaming

Blackout blinds are the must when you want to build a perfect darkness in your theater room and make this room a more private viewing experience. They can keep the outdoor lights out and create an instant theater atmosphere that makes you cosily enjoy the movies or sports live streams like FIFA World Cup, Australian Open, or The Super Bowl during the day and night.

Blackout out for media room

Blackout blinds are not only an ideal option to elevate your home space, but also a better choice for year-round efficiency. Find your blackout blinds at GoDear Design, creating a warm and casual environment while saving money on your heating costs.

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