Art of Textiles: Window Treatment Ideas

Window treatments (aka window coverings) always take on an important role in interior design. Ranging from fashion, mother nature or life experiences, GoDear Design always gets inspired by these elements and develops variable decorative blinds. Our innovative adjustable sliding panels and roller shades are mostly refinedly crafted from paper and poly, which insulate the rooms against heat and cold, provide a range of light control while enhancing privacy, and bring casual elegance to your living space.

But how to choose the right window treatments? Here are 4 levels of light filtration and heat insulation of our sliding panel track blinds (depends on the way in which fabrics has been woven) to inspire you.


Semi-Sheer blinds let lots of natural light stream through the room while still offering up a bit of privacy with a view out of window. These vertical blinds can make a soft and natural look to each window in your home with a hint of enchantment.

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Light Filtering

Light filtering shades offer a higher level of light filtration while comfortably maintaining the privacy with less see-through compared to Semi-sheer shades. These window shades let just the right amount of sunlight shine through the windows without compromising on privacy.

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Room Darkening

Room darkening blinds access the perfect balance between privacy and light filtration. These kinds of window blinds keep out sunlight during the daytime hours and exterior lights at night, whether you need to concentrate or simply want an afternoon nap or evening snooze.

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Blackout blinds can block up to 99.99% of the light, maintain pleasant temperatures and reduce energy costs all year round. Also, they can protect furniture and floors from sun damage and fading, and create maximum privacy day or night.
Note: Blackout fabrics will not create a 100% blackout blinds since there will be some light leakage around the edges between each panel.

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Product Comparison Chart & Video

GoDear Design blinds comparison

GoDear Design offers a wide variety of original designed fabric sliding panels to balance fashion with functionality and complement any decor. And of course, you can also make a mixture of different filtration levels or panel patterns for some visual contrast. Come create your room with perfect light!

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